Becker  Free Fallin'

This was a project that we tried really hard not to take on. A beer brand wanted to launch a can with an extra opening to create what marketers call 'a smoother flow' and 18 year olds call 'a shotgunnable can that gets you drunk real quick'.

After lots of discussions about ethics (and a presentation that started with a video of Justin Bieber's shotgunning antics) we decided to create two golden rules for the campaign: One - that we would never show the beer being drunk out of a can. And two - that the tone of voice would be as far away as possible from the frat party world and its implications of shotgunning.

And that's how we ended up with a scale model maker, an idyllic landscape, miniature figures looking at falling beer, and the Free Fallin' system. This makes Mother Argentina, one of the few agencies where you're allowed, even encouraged, to question every brief and put your foot down when you sense a creative or ethical conflict.

Directed by CINCO

Process & Stills:

Photos by Gemelos

Michelada Spring Summer 18 Campaign

As every summer Becker launches it’s own ready to drink “Michelada”. Which means beer + lemon + salt in a single can.
This are some Bilboards + Instagram videos we made: Michelada Season: ON!