Mamá Lucchetti: Technology at the table

Mama Lucchetti is the Argentine version of the Old Spice Guy - if the Old Spice Guy was a slightly overweight, 3d animated mum with a rebellious side. Lucchetti was doing its first brand campaign since its launch almost eight years ago, so we decided to focus on the one thing that has changed on the dining table in the past 8 years: on every table in the country, right between the fork and the salt, is a cellphone.

The campaign consists of three spots about a family that just can't figure out what to talk about once the cellphones are turned off, and a website ( that helps turn uncomfortable silences into uncomfortable arguments.

Mamá Lucchetti: Milanese

Is there anything more terrifying than your kids coming home from school for lunch? Well... actually yes. Tornadoes. But here’s a simple solution for those who still feel a bit terrified when the “What’s for lunch?” quesition comes up. As someone said: “everything between two pieces of bread tastes better”
Our proposal: a tasty  sandwich for this not-so-tasty soy milanese.

And here is a short funny ident.


Mamá Lucchetti The Raviolis

Agency: Raviolis... Ramones.... You know...
Client: Ok... let’s do it.
So here is a small tribute to this incredible band.... with some cheese on it.