After years of trying to be cool and fashionable, Quilmes had really distanced itself from its consumers.
Our goal was to bring the brand back to where it truly belongs.
We worked along with Quilmes Brewery to create a better formula, with no preservatives- that feels
exactly like the Quilmes every argentinan used to love.
A really nice project we did in Madre/La América for the last three years.

TVC: Quilmes - Superfinal

Boca Juniors and River Plate are in one of the most epic finals in South America. Quilmes has 10 tickets hidden in the beer tabs. Who will find them? Directed by Diega Neuman & Kevin Cabuli

15’’ TVC: Quilmes Draught

Argentinean rock, slow-mo pouring beer, pizza & a spanish pun.

El Otro Relato: A new perspective about soccer in argentina.

Social Content for Instagram. Follow @quilmesfutbol to watch the entire series.
Co-created with: Eduardo Sacheri, Alejandro Dolina, Fabián Casas, among other argentinean writers.

Quilmes Visual ID

Photos taken for Quilmes Brandbook. A part of the new Quilmes Visual ID
This brewery is an argentinan icon since 1890.
Photos by: Kevin Cabuli

Brandbook & Visual ID.

3 Golden Rules:
1.  Glasses & bottle should always feel real.
2. Beer should always be shooted in a real space. Never fake studio pics.
2. Beer should be always paired with argentinean food classics
Photos by Martín Sigal
Madre Buenos Aires 2017

Previous Imagery & Packaging

Outdoor Campaign 2016

Text: "Made in Argentina"

Text: "Proud of who we are"

Text: "It feels better to play pool than to being cool"

from Madre Buenos Aires 2016/17